• Developer 'Gotchas' in iOS 9

    WWDC 2015 introduced iOS 9 to the developer community. As is typical for Apple, this precedes a Fall 2015 introduction, likely tied directly to the release of the next iPhone. On their current tick-tock release schedule, that will be the iPhone 6S just as the 3, 4, and 5 before it.While Apple certainly released a large number of new APIs and enhancements, as well as WatchOS and Swift 2 going open source, most current development work is done on the iOS platform and so I’d like to look at some iOS 9 announcements that may have unexpected impact on the development community.

    iOS 9 Open Beta

    As Apple did with OSX, they now follow suit on iOS. Traditionally Apple never released beta versions of software nor OS updates to the general public. In the past, a WWDC announcement of a new OS update would mean about a 5 month lead time to prepare applications for the release.

  • SmartNews の iOS 7 対応


    9月18日の iOS 7 の登場から 1ヶ月半ほど経ちました。既に多くのアプリが iOS 7 に対応し、ユーザーの方たちも段々と iOS 7 に慣れてきたのではないでしょうか。そこで今回は、SmartNews での iOS 7 にまつわる話をご紹介しようと思います。